My Vision

The fashion business begins with passionate people who view clothing and accessories as wearable art and symbols of personal expression.

However, on the road to success, a great love for fashion and one’s business is simply not enough. In recent years, I have observed a dwindling passion and lack of focus in our industry. The industry seems to be working harder, but not smarter.

With SL Apparel Solutions, I strive to reignite the passion while promoting strategic thinking. In this ever-evolving marketplace, businesses must most importantly, invest in the sustainability of their people, but also implement intelligent strategies and processes and be informed of critical industry shifts and opportunities to stay on the cutting-edge.

My experiences range from being hand’s on in the trenches to leading executive strategy meetings for both established and growing companies across apparel, footwear and accessories. From this, it became evident to me that I could play a part to instill a new way of thinking and work with companies to develop innovative solutions to industry challenges. Sharing my extensive experience and what I have learned from some of the best mentors in the business helps me to empower my clients with the tools to work smart, follow their passion and achieve long-term success.

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